We Are Partners To Peace

We are young British Jews who care deeply about justice, democracy and peace for all Israelis and Palestinians.

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71% of British Jews agree that the two state solution is the only way to achieve peace

Ending the occupation is vital for enshrining basic rights for Palestinians and preserving Israel’s democracy and security.

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Occupation is neither Jewish nor Zionist

We are frustrated that despite the support of most Jewish communal organisations in ending the occupation, these beliefs don’t translate into action. The situation on the ground remains stagnant and polarised.

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We are working with Palestinians

We believe that in order to take steps to end the occupation, it is vital for Diaspora communities to work actively with both Palestinians and Israelis who are committed to nonviolence as a means to end the conflict.

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There are partners to create peace

We are fundraising for the Holy Land Trust, a Palestinian organisation that supports the development of young Palestinian leaders committed to end the occupation through non-violent action.

Will you join us?