Join a ‘Partners to Peace’ Friday Night Dinner

Has Partners to Peace piqued your interest? Want to learn more and meet like-minded people?

We are supporting Partners to Peace Friday Night Dinners across the UK on 11th November. Come and learn a little about how nonviolence is a Jewish issue, about how Holy Land Trust is creating a nonviolent future in Palestine, and how you can be involved with the campaign.

Click here to check out the Partners to Peace Friday Night Dinner resource!

Partners to Peace in Zionish

Partners to Peace campaigner Jonty Leibowitz has written in the fabulous Zionish about the campaign:

“Too many children are growing up with a polarised view of the Israel-Palestine conflict. In the schools and homes of Jerusalem, Ramallah and even Pinner the story is one of polarisation and blaming the ‘other side’. Yet now is the time to build bridges between our communities, rather than embellish the politics of division.”

You can read more here