Following from the “Sign on the Green Line” and “Kids Court in Conflict” campaigns, we want to raise the profile of nonviolent Palestinian activism. This is why we will be fundraising for the Holy Land Trust, an organisation founded in 1998 which seeks to build bridges for people of different faiths to overcome oppression and to promote shared society, or in their own words:

“We seek to empower the community through mobilizing its strengths in order to address the challenges of the present and create real opportunities for the future”

Holy Land Trust seeks to engage with any organisation or individual that is committed to creating a nonviolent end to the occupation, and continues to work with Jewish and Israeli groups. The money we raise will contribute to two programmes designed to train Palestinian young people in nonviolence and leadership: one focusing on young Palestinians affected directly by conflict, and one designed to empower young girls (aged 13-16) to be politically and nonviolently active in their communities. We believe that by encouraging and supporting nonviolent training, we can build connections and create partners. To know more about HLT’s work, please visit their website.