We are a group of young British Jews who, like most our community, supports an end to the conflict and a two-state solution based on the 1949 Armistice Line (the ‘Green Line’) with mutually agreed landswaps. We are all active in the Jewish community, leading in our youth movements, our synagogues and our universities. We fundamentally believe that the Israel that we hold as a key part of our Jewish identity should reflect core values of justice, human rights, and democracy.


bencombe Ben Combe

I am a student of Film and English at the University of East Anglia, a member of Bedfordshire Progressive Synagogue, and a Madrich with LJY-Netzer. I am taking part in this campaign because I believe that this tragic conflict and occupation has gone on for far too long, and that we cannot begin to talk about ending it until we start to work together.

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Ben Reiffbenreiff

I’m a first year International Relations student at LSE, and an active member of RSY-Netzer. I spent my gap year in Israel on Netzer’s Shnat programme, which allowed me to engage more with the issues surrounding Israeli society and the conflict. This year I learnt to live by the ideal of “hagshama” – the fulfilment of one’s own ideology – and this is why I wanted to take part in this campaign. Since I strongly believe that occupation is wrong and must end, it is my “hagshama” duty to translate that belief into action, and I see this campaign as the best way of doing that.


charleykatan Charley Katan

I’m a first year student at UCL, studying Comparative Literature with Hebrew, a bogeret of RSY-Netzer and the Youth Worker for Sha’arei Tsedek Reform Synagogue. I’m passionate about this campaign because non-violent activism and education are two of the most powerful forces for real social change that I know!

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Ella Grodzinski

I’m a Human Sciences undergrad student at Oxford Uni. I spent my gap year in Israel becoming increasingly convinced that the only possible resolution to the conflict is through mutual respect and understanding.
לֹא עָלֶיךָ הַמְּלָאכָה לִגְמוֹר, וְלֹא אַתָּה בֶן חוֹרִין לִבָּטֵל מִמֶּנָּה




Ella Taylor-Fagan

I’m a 2nd year history student at Oxford. I’m an RSY-netzer-nik and a member of Finchley Reform Synagogue. I am part of this campaign because I was inspired by the Holy Land Trust on my recent visit to Israel-Palestine with Yachad. The work they do to pave the way to peace is invaluable. I particularly love their project to empower young Palestinan women!

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Giacomo Paolini

I am originally from Italy and I have always identified myself as a Progressive Pro Israel, Pro Palestine and above all, Pro Peace fellow. It is natural for me to support a campaign which empowers nonviolent opposition to oppression and helps building bridges between the Diaspora Jewish Community and West Bank Palestinians. Graduated at Durham University and Majoring at SOAS in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, I am also involved with the New Israel Fund as NewGen Fellow.



Hannah Kashman

I’m Hannah and I divide my time between being a movement worker for Noam and the Marom student organiser. Before this I lived in Brighton for four years where I studied for an undergraduate in History and then for an MA in Sexual Dissidence.




Hannah Radley

I am a 19 year old history student at the University of York. I grew up at Alyth Synagogue and I am an active member of RSY Netzer. I recently participated as a delegate at “Solutions not Sides” student leadership course. I am passionate about this campaign because I believe it is our moral duty as Jews and as human beings to end occupation as soon as possible. I also believe ending occupation is crucial to creating a lasting peace for both Israel and Palestine.



Hannah Sanderson

I am currently studying a Masters at the London School of Economics in International Relations, having previously attended Durham University, where I studied the issue of Israeli claims to water originating in the West Bank. Alongside my studies I am a fellow on the New Israel Fund UK’s ‘New Gen’ programme.  It was my experiences on the Yachad Student and Movement Worker Trip in 2015 that truly inspired my desire to campaign. While I had studied the subject of Israel-Palestine previously, nothing could prepare me for the shock and distress at what I saw in those few days. My motivation for campaigning derives both from a concern over Palestinian rights, as well as a need to defend the democracy Israel was built on and the human rights we in the West often take for granted.



Hannah Stephenson

My name is Hannah Stephenson and I am one of the Movement Workers for LJY-Netzer. Before becoming a Movement Worker I trained at Birmingham City University to become a Primary School Teacher. My passions and hobbies consist of singing, dancing, prayer and education.

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Henn Mossery-Golan

I moved to North London 12 years ago from Israel. I’m completing my A levels now and look forward to studying Arabic and Spanish at university. I am excited to be part of this campaign as I believe the two-state solution is the best solution, and want to do what I can to transform more support towards it.



Ilana Ledermannilana-ledermann

I’m a second year history student at the University of Bristol. Being involved in the community at Alyth Gardens synagogue since a very young age made the RSY Netzer movement a very important part of my growing interest in Zionism. My first encounter with Yachad during Israel Tour sparked my concern for the Palestinian narrative and last summer, having attended UJS’ Manhigut trip, I had the wonderful opportunity to engage even further in debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict. These experiences in and outside of Israel make this campaign important to me and I believe that ending the occupation would communicate the true values i admire in Judaism and Zionism.



Imogen Resnick

Born and bred in Notts (shul is Nottingham Liberal Synagogue), but now studying at UCL, I care about this campaign because I think British Jewry need to take our heads out of the sand and face the realities of Israel and Occupation. To achieve peace, we have to see Palestinians as partners, not enemies.



Jacob Swirsky

I’m a student studying Geography at the University of Manchester. I am part of LJY-netzer and belong to Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue. I was inspired by the Holy Land Trust when we met them on the 2016 Yachad student trip, in particular their focus on non-violent activism and forming youth leaders.




Jake Cohen

I’m a second year Arts and Sciences student at UCL and am an active member of RSY-Netzer and a graduate of their Israel gap year programme. I am also a member and teacher at Finchley Reform Synagogue. From Isaiah’s call for a world where we “beat our swords to plowshares” to Heschel marching in Selma. My understanding of Jewish history confirms my view of the importance of non-violent activism. I am proud to support and shine a light on other voices who share such a conviction.

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Jessica Belle Weiss

I’m a third year student at the University of Manchester, reading Middle Eastern Studies and writing my dissertation on the role of gender and conflict. I grew up in the North London community of Finchley Reform Synagogue and was a member of RSY-Netzer. During my gap year I travelled around the West Bank and Israel and my experiences made me more determined to educate in my community about the reality of the conflict both on campus and in my synagogue. This outlook intensified during the Yachad Movement Workers and Student Trip as well as through my involvement with Yachad.



Jonty Leibowtiz

I am a madrich on LJY-Netzer and have been a member of Yachad since 2012. I study History at Cambridge, and was part of the 2016 Yachad Student Trip.

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Josh Newmark

Former JFS boy studying History & Politics at Durham University. The shock of leaving the “north London bubble” and then returning with new views about Israel/Palestine and facing massive hostility prompted my interest in Yachad’s aspirations for Jewish civil society.

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Kate Cohen

I’m in my 4th year studying medicine at UCL. I grew up in New North London Synagogue where I now teach and am involved in Noam/Marom. As a committed Zionist, I want Israel to live up to values of tolerance and equality set out in the Declaration of Independence. I believe that ending the occupation is vital for a democratic Jewish state to thrive and in order to do that we must build partnerships with Palestinians so that we can work together for peace.




Rachel Vogler

I’m a Political Theatre and Playwriting student in London, an active bogeret of RSY-Netzer and a member of Finchley Reform Synagogue. I’m joining the campaign because I believe that right now it is vital to involve the British Jewish community in a conversation that faces the realities of occupation and the damage it does. I want to be able to hold a country I care about about accountable to it’s vision of democracy and freedom for all laid out in its declaration of independence and this campaign allows me, and the rest of British Jewry to do just that.



Rosa Slater

Hi I’m Rosa I am a student of philosophy at the University of Birmingham. I am a member of Southgate Progressive Synagogue and a youth leader for LJY Netzer. I found the Yachad Student trip extremely shocking but also inspired me to be involved with this campaign and to challenge some of the issues I saw existed in the West Bank.

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Sophie Jacobs

I am currently in my first year studying Law at the University of Bristol. I have loved and therefore struggled with Israel since primary school after reading Lynne Reid Banks’ beautiful book ‘One More River’.I spent my last year living in the region on Shnat Netzer and am an active leader in RSY. I support this campaign as I believe that this conflict is about people; it cannot be solved until those involved can channel their narratives peacefully and have their voices heard.



Toby Cohen

I am a student in year 13 at University College School, a madrich at Noam, and an active member of Highgate United Synagogue. I am involved in this campaign because I think that only through working with pro-peace Palestinian activists is there any hope of a successful solution for peace in Israel and Palestine.



Partners To Peace is a campaign that is promoted and supported by Yachad, the pro-Israel pro-peace movement in the UK. Yachad works to build active support for a two-state solution in the British Jewish community.